DJM Golf Inc Website

Launched Nov 23, 2012

DJM Golf Logistics is a new house of brands within the North American golfing and sports sector.

Capturing in on the niche markets that leave pockets of needs for consumers, DJM Golf Logistics strives to deliver excellent quality products that are centered on distinctive function, style and design. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction and providing high quality, unique products that provide our customers with a WOW factor.

The website was designed to be simple and easy to navigate, to show off DJM Golf’s products, and impress potential distributors. The website utilizes a slider on its homepage that showcases its product categories. A description is displayed with each product category with a clear link to its own page.

Building the website on WordPress allowed the owner to edit the content of each page with the flexibility of adding new pages, modifying the menu and adding images where desired.

Below is a gallery of various elements used in the website, such as a contact form with spam security, a partner login, homepage, slider, product categories and presentation, etc.