Online Orders & Payments

Are you looking to bring your business online, to enable your customers to order and pay through the web, during the COVID-19 pandemic?

During this unprecedented shutdown, with people staying home ordering from their computers, it’s vital for businesses to continue to earn revenue and expand how customers can reach them.

Online Ordering

An online ordering system, allows you to showcase your products and have your customers browse and order those products online. There are various ways this can be implemented depending on your business needs.

Products & Services Catalog

A full catalog of your products and services can be added to your online store. These can be showcased with photos, descriptions and options (such as size, color, etc).

An administrative dashboard allows you to easily add and edit your products. You can add multiple images to each product.

You can choose what to sell in your online store. Whether this be all your products or only certain products/services that can easily be delivered or picked up.

Shipping or Pickup

You can enable shipping or pickup for all or specific products in your store. These settings can be adjusted per product.

Shipping integrations are also possible with Canada Post, UPS, FedEx, etc. This will calculate the shipping charged based on the size/weight of the product and the customer’s address.

If pickup is enabled, then the customer can pickup the item at your storefront.

Online & Offline Payments

You can take online payments on checkout. This can include Visa and Mastercard, Debit, and Paypal. You can also arrange for an e-transfer on checkout. In a customer pickup scenario this allows you to take payment in advance of the customer coming to your storefront.

With offline payments, the order is received as a confirmation. The customer then comes to your store and picks up the items and pays for them at your store.

Manage Orders + Analytics and Tracking

An online store provides access to a lot of data that helps you make decisions.

What products should I promote most?
How do customers browse my store and what do they look at?
How much time do they spend on my website?

There is a lot of information you can collect about your customers. When orders are placed you will have their contact information and you can reach out to them again in the future.

Examples of Online Ordering Systems I've Created

Browse and purchase hundreds of different coffee, tea and water related products.

Order an airport taxi online through the website

Purchase a salon gift certificate online.