Graphic Design Services

Alex Leuschner has been working with Photoshop for over 13 years. He has worked on hundreds of graphics projects. Below are types of graphics services he offers:

Business Card Design

Alex will design a business card that stands-out, and communicates your business, products or services. Your business card file will be ready to hand to any print-shop.

Company Brochures

Do you need a brochure designed to impress potential clients or showcase your products and services? Alex is professional and detail-oriented in his designs. He has access to millions of stock photos and graphics that can help make your project look amazing.

Pamphlets, Flyers & Promotions

If you are sending out a promotional flyer, ad or pamphlet, contact Alex to make it look professional and provide the proper image to your business.


Alex can design a logo for your business that stands out, is unique and communicates your business across all promotional materials.

Signage Design

Do you require a sign designed for your business, building, vehicle, etc? Contact Alex to help with your design.

Web Graphics & Ads

Web graphics and ads differ greatly from paper-printed graphics. They differ in format, type, dimension and quality. Whether converting from web to paper or paper to web, I can help make the result perfect.