Zoya Nail Polish Ad for Pino Salon

This ad was created for the Pino Salon home page. It is a sale offered from Aug 30th-Oct 1. They required something noticeable and splashy.

Amherst Mouldings Wood & Screen Doors Brochure

I created this product brochure for Amherst Mouldings to promote their wood and screen door products. They asked for a clear, and simple layout. We had a challenge fitting all the various styles of doors into the inside two pages of the brochure.

The Sussex Deal Book Cover

I designed this cover for a suspense thriller titled The Sussex Deal. This book takes place in Toronto. The cover is should intrigue the reader and ask the question of what is going on in that elevator. Another criteria of the book was that it easily stand out as a thriller, mystery, suspense type novel. […]

Amherst Mouldings Business Card

This is a front and back business card designed for Amherst Mouldings. Amherst produces many kinds of wood-based products and so a tree and green was chosen for the business card. A clear and spacious layout was used for the information part of the card. The back is a white tree on top of a […]

Absolute Soccer Ad

This digital ad was created to advertise Absolute Soccer a soccer store located in Waterloo, Ontario. It is displayed on the kwsoccer website.

Map of Kaldanien

This map was created for the Thought Movers series. The first book of which is titled The Alkahest.