Kitchener Schwaben Club Website

Launched May 9, 2018

The Kitchener Schwaben Club’s new website went live today, just in time for Oktoberfest tickets to go on sale. The club is now allowing people to buy tickets online, whereas ticket sales went solely through their office in previous years.

The new website is organized, clean and easy to navigate. It showcases their colors and uses larger images and a full width layout which greatly improves the overall look and feel.

The website is structured into the various services they offer:

  • Hall Rentals
  • Culture and Events
  • Live Concerts
  • Oktoberfest

The website works on mobile devices for the first time.

Hall Rentals

This part of the website showcases their six halls. You can find images, floorplans, capacity details and packages for businesses, corporate, anniversaries, stag-n-does, birthdays, etc.

Events & Culture

Here the Schwaben Club shows off their history, public and member events, groups and more.

Live Concerts

Throughout the year the club hosts live concerts from bands and cover bands. These are showcases via event posters.


For the week of Oktoberfest, the Schwaben Club has big parties the members and public can celebrate the Bavarian festival in a unique German setting.


I am pleased to have worked with the Kitchener Schwaben Club on their website and appreciate their business.