Updated Header Design for Alandracl.com

I redesigned the header and frontpage of www.alandracl.com to set the current book center stage and have the authors name standout more. Below you can see the old version to compare.

AlandraCL.com Re-design 2013

This website has been re-designed completely from the ground up. I took advantage of more wordpress features and organized the website in a better format. AlandraCL.com is now the hub for a host of future books Alandra plans on writing. Each book will receive its own website connected to AlandraCL.com. This network of sites runs […]

The Sussex Deal Book Cover

I designed this cover for a suspense thriller titled The Sussex Deal. This book takes place in Toronto. The cover is should intrigue the reader and ask the question of what is going on in that elevator. Another criteria of the book was that it easily stand out as a thriller, mystery, suspense type novel. […]